In project management, the challenges of the international environment are often paid too little attention. It's mostly cultural differences and the costs in time, nerves and money that can derail entire projects.

For sustainable business success, it's therefore especially important to prepare responsible managers and executives for their roles as efficient and effective international project leaders and associates.

The goal of this training is to convey to the stakeholders the particularities of foreign cultures and their influences on project work. Your participants will thus gain tangible competencies that can be practically implemented in virtual or on-site international projects.


  • Language: English, German, French or Spanish; other languages available on request
  • Tailor-made contents through the Eidam & Partner Needs Analysis®
  • We offer various add-on options that can make your seminar even more sustainable; for example, our knowledge transfer check©.


  • In a nutshell | A basic understanding of project management:
    • Standards and rules in project management
    • Arrangement and contents of certain project phases
  • Cross-cultural management:
    • What is culture?
    • Conscious awareness of one's own cultural influence and possible problems in international contact
    • Stereotypes and ethnocentrism as stumbling blocks
    • Practical insight into the cultural values and behavioral patterns of other countries
    • Typical mistakes in cross-border contact
  • Cross-cultural project management I:
    • Project acquisition and international negotiation leadership
    • Sense of proportion: Sustainable strategy development for international projects
    • Environmental identification and management
    • Understanding of cross-cultural leadership
    • Effective meeting management
    • Conflict management in cross-cultural contexts
  • Cross-cultural project management II:
    • Time management: Milestones, deadlines, liability and sanctions
    • Agreement within teams: What to do when one side doesn't want what the other wants
    • Surprising tips and tricks for international telephone calls and e-mails
    • Particularities of virtual cooperation in projects
    • Risk management in international projects

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In our training on international project management, we'll naturally integrate specific questions and experiences from the everyday lives of the participants, and we'll develop practical problem-solving approaches together.

Your employees should ideally contribute their own examples from current or past projects in the individual training phases.

It's also possible to discuss and use as a reference a specific project for the purposes of the training. Alternatively, we'll prepare - upon your consultation - a case study that corresponds to the requirements and branch specifics of the seminar group.

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