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Cooperation Partners

On this site, you'll find an overview of our cooperation partners, whom we bring in for special tasks or to support our work.


SmartRiskSolutions supports us on the issue of safety abroad. The company, which draws on the knowledge of former special forces and intelligence experts, supports our customers both with safety trainings and with the establishment or optimization of global safety and travel management.



We recommend the relocation services of Dwellworks to all companies whose employees change residency because of their jobs. Whether dealing with orientation tours in the target country, hunting apartments, registering for work permits or managing the whole process of the assignment, Dwellworks has you covered.



The team at ABROAD has developed a fantastic e-coaching program that’s specially focused on the needs of the spouses or partners traveling abroad with your expatriates. A lot of international assignments fail because the partner of the one sent abroad doesn’t feel comfortable in the target country. ABROAD offers professional and effective solutions to this exact issue.



The language service provider that cares 24/7. Whether a Korean interpreter working in Stuttgart, a conference interpreter for the combination Russian-German in Milan or a technical documentation in five different languages: the team of Dolmetscheragentur24 will take care of it. Within 24 hours, in every country and every language pair: the right language experts will always be on hand.



With partner agencies in 45 countries, Export Management Consulting has a powerful international network at its disposal. The experienced partners on-site actively help our customers open up new markets, sell products, found joint ventures and establish production abroad.

EMC Worldwide


Paul Harris, a native of the United States of America, is our go-to guy when dealing with German-English translations or the proofreading of English texts. His mellow voice additionally breathes a proper portion of life into the audio case studies in our English eLearning module concerning the German culture.


Travel bookings for our experts and employees are happily passed on to the experienced hands of Denise Fritzsche at the Ibbenbüren Travel Agency.


Also near and dear to us is the "Toytown Germany" community. It’s one of the most important contact points for English-speaking foreigners in Germany.