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After sending your query online, we will promptly get in touch with you. You will receive your very personal offer you will receive after a conversation with one of our customer consultants. A contract comes about when you have accepted and signed our contract.


Information about the fees of our services you will find in your personal offer, which we will establish individually for you. Our fees are understood with the additional statutory value-added tax. As a matter of course, we will establish an official invoice for our efforts.


The contractee and/or contractor can cancel the booking of services or postpone the mutually agreed upon date at any time. Written notice of either must be provided in either case.

The following cancellation costs apply for the contractee:

Cancellation up to 31 weekdays before the service begins: No cancellation costs

Cancellation 15-31 weekdays before the service begins: 25% of the fee listed in the quote

Cancellation 8-14 weekdays before the service begins: 50% of the fee listed in the quote

Cancellation 0-7 weekdays before the service begins: 100% of the fee listed in the quote

In case of cancellation of the booked services or postponement of the stipulated date of service, the contractee is bound to pay all expenses that are associated with services booked by third parties on behalf of the contractor and contractee and that can no longer be cancelled without paying a fee.



By sending our online application form, respectively the consignment of the printed application form, you offer Eidam & Partner the realization of our contract of further education. With an according confirmation from our side, a legal contract comes about.


Our fees are understood with the additional statutory value-added tax as well as including the attendance fee, all material for the seminars, our substantial seminar script, the meals during lunch break and all coffee breaks. Accommodation and dinner are not included in the said seminar fee. These fees are mentioned separately or can be asked for from us. The costs for your accommodation can be balanced by you directly in the hotel.

In addition, you will receive an invoice over the attendance fee about three weeks before the start of the event, which falls due for payment before the start of the event.


Every seminar has a minimum number of participants of four persons. Much to our regret, the concerning event cannot take place, if this minimum is not achieved up to two weeks before the start of the event. In this case, we will inform you, at the latest, ten days in advance of the respective appointment via e-mail or telephone.

The declared participants as well as their commissioning company hereby waive all rights concerning compensation and reimbursement of expenses for contingent omitted seminars.

The maximum number of participants for every open seminar is twelve persons. We also ask for your understanding that this number also cannot be exceeded in exceptional cases.


We take the liberty to adapt, shorten and/or modify the published contents of seminars - on the executing trainer's own authority - provided that it is serviceable for the goal of the seminar.


You can cancel your participation in our open seminars at any time in written form. In this case we will charge you the following dues:

Cancellation up to thirty days before the start of the seminar:
no allowance for special expenditure.

Cancellation up to two weeks before the start of the seminar:
50% of the seminar fee.

Cancellation after two weeks before the start of the seminar:
100% of the seminar fee.

In addition, we take the liberty to bill for contingent accessed efforts of third parties [for example accommodation and catering]. As a matter of course, you can name a respective alternative participant, who will take part in the seminar instead of you.


By sending our online form, you give Eidam & Partner the permission to get into contact with you. In addition, you agree that your contact data will be stored by us.

In return, Eidam & Partner obligates itself to handle your personal data confidentially and not to pass them down to third parties.

Please mind, that this website uses Google Analytics! This may be difficult for you concerning data protection. It is possible to disable this service/the usage of cookies from your computer in the preferences of your browser.

This takes effect especially, but not exclusively, for the following undersides: cross-cultural trainings, cross-cultural coaching, cross-cultural training USA, cross-cultural trainings concerning China, cross-cultural trainings Japan, cross-cultural training on Germany and cross-cultural training India.