We optimize international collaboration

... only thanks to our great trainers and staff. More motivated supporters are always welcome!

Open positions

Our company offers opportunities for cooperation to both seasoned country experts and students with an interest in cross-cultural topics.

200 Experten aus 85 Ländern

Open positions for trainers

We're always interested in new experts for our trainer pool who have lived and worked for several years in their respective target cultures.

You'll find an overview of the target countries for which we're searching for new experts here.

Open positions for graduates

Open positions at our company's head office [for example, in customer service or marketing] will not be available for the foreseeable future.

200 Experten aus 85 Ländern

Open positions for interns

We offer students a six-month internship in the field of eLearning twice a year at our company in Chemnitz. At the following link, you'll find detailed information on this internship!