Internationally successful exhibitors distinguish themselves through good products and fastidiously crafted marketing! Whoever wants to effectively market abroad needs vast cross-cultural know-how above all. Every cultural circle ultimately places different expectations on sales pitches and the presentations of products and services.

This training comprehensively prepares you for contact at international exhibitions, for expectations of foreign buyers and for their sales demands. With our experts, you'll thus develop strategies and approaches with vigorous cross-border effects.


  • Language: English, German, French or Spanish; other languages available on request
  • Target countries: This offer is bookable as culture-general seminar [which includes know how concerning a lot of different cultures] or specially for one of our 80 target countries.
  • We offer 8 add-on options that can make your seminar even more sustainable; for example, our Knowledge Transfer Check©.


  • Cross-cultural communication | Basics
  • Analysis: What cultural values do the participants have? What advantages and disadvantages do these lead to in international work?
  • Exciting insights into the cultural mannerisms of your foreign exhibition guests
  • How can you optimally assess the expectations of your international visitors and consequentially deal with them?
  • Exhibition gifts: What you should steer clear of and/or bestow upon visitors!
  • Information acquisition: International paths to customers, suppliers and products
  • How are [purchasing] decisions made in other cultures?
  • Analysis and discussion of case studies from your target cultures and markets
  • Professional tips for cross-cultural conversations at exhibitions
  • Development of your personal international exhibition strategies: Culturally adapted, individualized, successful

We'll happily prepare you an individualized offer. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


We guarantee all of our participants an optimal and constructive learning atmosphere. Along with this naturally comes a corresponding mixture of methods, in addition to the location of implementation and the arrangements. We thus accomplish an ideal array between theory and practice, with integrated participant experiences and specific case studies.

We work interactively and sustainably – self-experience and trial and error take center stage at all times. We thereby impart our knowledge through a balanced educational concept.

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