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E-Learning module | productive working in home office

Our e-learning module helps people who are working from home. They will learn how to be successful and maintain productive relationships with their virtual colleagues/customers.

Many employees are currently facing an unknown situation: due to the crisis, there is a certain degree of uncertainty. In addition, many employees are not used to working from their home office.

Our e-learning module gives your employees security by providing them with a guide to the current work situation. This way, we also optimize productivity and increase motivation at the same time.

Our e-learning module for working in home office offers you current information from practice!

We have prepared the following content for you!

This e-learning module is not specifically about cross-cultural communication.

  • Adaptation to a new work environment: rhythm of work, setting up the workplace, purposeful use of various virtual media, coping with the feeling of isolation
  • Teaching new skills to ensure that productive relationships can be established with [virtual] colleagues and customers
  • How can you create the right team spirit in virtual work?
  • Conflict management: coping with different opinions among employees constructively
  • How can the coordination between team members be improved? How can needs be communicated and "seen"?
  • How to use the individual expertise of all [virtual] colleagues correctly to achieve a common goal!

Further information

  • Duration: about 50 minutes
  • Languages: German or English; other languages on request
  • The minimum purchase is 15 licenses
  • The interactive design of our online learning offers is particularly important to us: Theory is always conveyed using practical examples or videos and reinforced with quizzes. Always with the aim of achieving the highest possible learning effect.
  • On request, we can integrate our e-learning module into your company's internal learning platform.
E-Learning module "working from home office"

Why Eidam & Partner?


E-learning means flexible learning! Your participants can decide on their own: When do I want to learn? For how long do I want to learn? What do I want to learn?


We only offer recent know-how with high practical relevance. That's why our e-learning modules are updated once a year.


E-learning is of course less expensive than a corresponding on-site training.


Eidam & Partner works climate neutral: with green electricity, recycled paper, CO2 compensation via tree planting and many things more.


By combining our e-learning modules with our webinars, on-site trainings or coachings, the learning effect of your participants will increase by up to 25%.

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