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Kids' training

It’s a matter of heart for us that children start their international assignment adventure well prepared. In the end, we should never forget that the youngest expatriates leave as much back home as the adults.

We therefore recommend an additional training for the children who are accompanying their parents abroad! In our junior workshop, a trainer specially educated for this purpose deals with the cultural values of the target country as well as the anxieties, problems and expectations of the youngest family members.

This way, you contribute to a harmonic family life abroad – which not only the kids benefit from.

We offer recent know how for your international business!


  • Language: English, German, Japanese, Spanish or Portuguese
  • Location: Our experience shows that it is best to conduct our kids' training in the home of the respective family. Besides that, other venues are also possible.
  • Recommended duration: 4 to 8 hours
  • Participants: 1 to 4 children

We naturally also offer our kids’ training for assignments in Germany.

From the contents

  • Overview of the new homeland: Country, people and society
  • The most important cultural values of the respective target country [edited to be suitable for children]
  • What does a move to a foreign country mean for me?
  • What will happen to my friends at home?
  • What particular situation lies ahead for our family?
  • Exchange of expectations, desires and anxieties in respect to the upcoming adventure abroad
  • Tips and tricks that significantly ease the youngest family members’ process of getting settled in the target country

We’ll happily create an adapted program for you. Please contact our team!

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We are looking forward to you!

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