Support during the time abroad

By means of our location-independent advisement via phone or Skype, you receive quick advice from experienced country experts. Existing difficulties and questions can thus be solved before larger damage arises.

Your employees will ideally have attended an Eidam & Partner preparation training before the international assignment. The expert we employ will subsequently be available to the participants during the entire stay abroad.

Possible topics

  • You have questions about specific communication situations during the international assignment.
  • There are difficulties with regard to contacting foreign colleagues, employees or personnel.
  • Your international project or team faces misunderstandings or hurdles.
  • You've undergone a culture shock and desire professional help.
  • You or your family are having difficulty getting settled in the target country.
We'll support you before and during your assignment abroad!

Experts close to customers - worldwide

Our 200 experts live in Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Vienna, Zurich and many other German-speaking cities. We also have trainers across Asia, Africa, Europe as well as in North, Central and South America. This allows us to keep travel costs especially low.

Customer specific solutions

We'll happily prepare you an individualized offer on this theme. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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