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  • Teambuilding - 2

Teambuilding - 2

Dear ladies and gentleman, appraised participants of our trainings.

By means of this online-tool you are going to help us, to match the content of the training to your personal needs. During the next five minutes we will ask you about the following issues:

  • Your expectations concerning our cross-cultural training
  • Some information about yourself [as support for our trainer]

We would like to kindly ask you for open and honest answers. This questionnaire is strictly anonymous. Your name or any other contact details will not be send to us!

Let's start...

Do you work as an executive or as a skilled employee?

Please rate your foreign language competence!

Have you ever participated in a cross-cultural training/coaching? If yes, concerning which topics/target countries?
When you get in contact with a foreign member of your international team, how does this happen?*
If you chose more than one contact capability [for example, phone and e-mail], which of them is more frequent?

Thanks a lot for your help and the time you invested in this questionnaire.

By pressing the following button, you can submit your answers to us!