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Country Navigator | Competency Test + Country Database

Country Navigator is an online tool with two outstanding main features: First, a personal cultural profile is compiled for you based on your answers to a digital questionnaire. The subsequent feedback provides you with details about your cultural values, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of your behavior.

Not only does this sensitize you to cultural differences, but you’ll also learn how your own behavior affects other people.

You can then compare your personal cultural profile with 100 countries. On the one hand, this will show you the cultural characteristics of your target countries. On the other hand, you’ll see which of your values correspond with the target countries and where difficulties could arise.

You don't need to know everything, you just need to know where to find it!

Country Navigator™ also offers a very large databank of knowledge on 100 target countries. With this collection of tips, tricks and strategies, you can, for example, read about the most important situational dos and don’ts right before a meeting with Chinese partners or better prepare for a telephone conference with Americans minutes before it starts.

Further information

  • Language: English or German
  • Access to Country Navigator™ also includes a smartphone app for Android and iPhone that synchronizes with the desktop version. So you’ll always have a personal cultural etiquette guide in critical moments.
  • Country Navigator™ is compliant with the most recent EU General Data Protection Regulation. We can also set up the tool so that all users are completely anonymous.
  • You can use Country Navigator™ as stand-alone solution or you can combine it with our on-site training measures.

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Independence of location and time: Cross-cultural knowledge to go! Country Navigator™ is the ultimate reference tool for your employees.


Imagine how much better your international communication would be if you could consult up-to-date tips for the respective situation on your smartphone.


Most recent information: We’ll provide you with up-to-date and practical knowledge. Of course, Country Navigator™ is updated on a regular basis.


Improving self-awareness: By consciously thinking about your own values and behaviors, a cognitive process is set in motion that is very important to the development of cross-cultural competency.


Country Navigator™ actively supports you in this process.


Higher learning effect: Through combining Country Navigator with on-site trainings or coachings the learning effect of your participants will increase up to 25%.

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