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Cross-cultural training videos

In addition to our e-learning modules, we also offer exciting training videos on various target cultures and topics. Our videos can be provided either on your internal corporate learning platform, on your intranet or on our learning platform.

The training videos work well as a standalone solution or in combination with face-to-face events.


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Training videos | country-specific

Contents of our country-specific training videos:

  • Communication, cultural values and business in country XY
  • Meetings in country XY
  • Presentations in country XY
  • First business meetings in country XY
  • Visitors from country XY
  • Gestures and facial expressions in country XY
  • Solving conflicts in country XY
  • Negotiations in country XY

Currently available countries include Germany, Denmark, France, Greece, Great Britain, Sweden, Spain, Poland, Romania, Russia, Hungary, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, the USA, Arab countries, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, East Africa, South Africa, Southeast Asia and Turkey.

Language: English or German

Training videos | transnational

The following training videos are not about one specific target country. They rather convey transnational know-how.

  • International business ethics
  • Basics of cross-cultural competence
  • Successfully organizing exhibitions abroad
  • International sales
  • Virtual team collaboration across borders

There are several videos available for each of the topics.

know how for your international business

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