E-Learning Modules

We offer e-learning modules on 15 different target cultures, as well as one exciting transnational module. Our range of training courses will do more than teach your participants up-to-date knowledge. It will also provide your employees with an innovative opportunity to learn.


  • Our modules can be used from anywhere in the world – for instance, in an airport or on the way to an important business meeting abroad.
  • The e-learning modules work well as a standalone solution or in combination with face-to-face events.
  • The courses can easily be integrated into your internal corporate learning platform, if you wish.
  • Our modules are structured to be particularly interactive in order to increase the learning effect. They include audio and video, as well as various quizzes, matching exercises, up-to-date case studies and simulations.
Learning 2.0 with Eidam & Partner

Duration + languages

  • Languages: English or German
  • Duration: one module takes 70-90 minutes to complete.

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Our cross-cultural e-learning modules make a difference for your international collaboration!

Your Benefits


E-learning means flexible learning! Your participants can decide on their own: When do I want to learn? For how long do I want to learn? What do I want to learn?


We only offer recent know-how with high practical relevance. That's why our e-learning modules are updated once a year.


E-learning is of course less expensive than a corresponding on-site training.


By combining our e-learning modules with our on-site trainings or coachings, the learning effect of your participants will increase by up to 25%.

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More than 550 companies rank among our customers, including Airbus, Audi, HewlettPackard, Leoni and Siemens.

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