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Webinars / Online Trainings

It can be that simple: your participants only need a PC, internet access and a headset or telephone.

We offer almost all further education topics [training, coaching and preparation for international assignments] as live online trainings, Webinars or as Skype coaching. You can choose whether we will conduct a large training topic virtually or only deal with a specific question in a short session.

We offer recent know how for your international business!


  • We recommend a maximum of 3 hours online learning per day and group; divided by a break of at least one hour. For example, one session of 90 minutes in the morning and another in the afternoon has proven to be very effective
  • Each participant will need a computer with an Internet connection and a telephone or a computer headset. A webcam is not absolutely necessary, but we are happy if the participants can also be seen via video.

Further information

  • Language: English or German; other languages on request
  • We continuously try to create an optimum learning atmosphere in our online trainings. This means that we work with a well-balanced method mixture. Thereby, we find the ideal blend between theoretical and practical parts, participant experiences and concrete examples from international projects.
  • Your participants’ previous experiences, desires and goals will be gathered through our online questionnaire and will be kept in consideration in the planning of details.
Wir bieten Ihnen erfahrene Experten und aktuelles Wissen!

Why Eidam & Partner?


Our live online trainings and Webinars are individually adjusted to your situation and needs; 100% guaranteed!


We can't do everything, but we can do one thing really well: optimize international business contacts. This has been our passion for more than 15 years.


We offer you senior experts with broad international work experience, because this background knowledge turns a good seminar into an outstanding training!


We are particularly proud of the average grade of our trainings, which was 1.24 last year [1.0 = very good | 6.0 = very bad].


Eidam & Partner works climate neutral: with green electricity, recycled paper, CO2 compensation via tree planting and many things more.


Numerous additional services are included with every one of our live online trainings and Webinars. This improves the sustainability of our training programs as well as the knowledge transfer.

We are looking forward to you!

We're looking forward to you!

More than 550 companies rank among our customers, including Airbus, Audi, HewlettPackard, Leoni and Siemens.

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