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We offer worldwide services related to cross-cultural communication: for example, cross-cultural training, cross-cultural coaching, eLearning and preparation for international assignments for more than 80 target countries.

Our company operates from Germany with 140 trainers who are located all around the globe. They not only have many years of experience in further education, but they'll also offer current and especially practical knowledge for your international business success.

Our motto: There are no small jobs that are handled on the side; every further education project is as cared for as if we were participating ourselves.

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We offer cross-cultural training, cross-cultural coaching, eLearning and preparation for international assignments.



As an IT specialist, Konica Minolta Business Solutions is a leading provider of company-wide document and print workflows in the B2B sector. The overall corporation, which operates according to the company motto “Giving Shape to Ideas”, spans the fields of business technologies, healthcare and industrial products. The parent company is represented by subsidiaries in 49 countries worldwide. Because of this international orientation, cooperation between various cultures is extremely important in Konica Minolta’s day-to-day business.

The company has worked intensively and very successfully with Eidam & Partner since 2008. Over the course of our collaboration, we’ve conducted numerous cross-cultural trainings on cooperation between Germany and Japan, among other things. Jörg Libal, the head of the Konica Minolta Academy, had this to say about our partnership: “The Konica Minolta Academy wants to offer its customers outstanding trainings with a strict focus on practical know-how. In Eidam & Partner we’ve found a competent and professional training partner that can help us realize these goals.”

Trainings for Tecan in Switzerland


LSG Sky Chefs is the complete catering subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa. With a worldwide market share of nearly 30%, the company is the largest provider of airline meals and is thus the global market leader in this field.

Due to the company’s worldwide presence, the employees of LSG are constantly in contact with other cultures. In this context, the company has intensively worked together with Eidam & Partner in the field of cross-cultural further education since 2014. In recent months, over 40 employees have been prepared for the business cultures in China, India, Russia and Dubai with the help of our cross-cultural training.

Stefanie Houbé, an employee in the human resources department: "I really value our collaboration with Eidam & Partner. I feel exceedingly competently advised with every matter. Moreover, the cross-cultural advisors are always extremely friendly and service-oriented. With their help, our employees are perfectly prepared for their assignments abroad. I therefore recommend Eidam & Partner to every company that’s looking for a strong, reliable service provider in the field of cross-cultural training!"

Flying high thanks to Eidam & Partner

culture is multicolored: trainings for siegwerk

Siegwerk Druckfarben ranks among the world’s leading printing ink producers. Every day, around 4,800 employees in more than 30 nations develop individual solutions in line with the corporate maxim “Ink, Heart & Soul”. Europe is the company’s most important market, but business is constantly growing in the emerging regions of Asia and Latin America. As an internationally active corporation, contact with other cultures is an important component of everyday business for Siegwerk.

That’s why the company has been collaborating with Eidam & Partner in the field of cross-cultural education for three years now. During this time, numerous employees have been successfully prepared for their assignments abroad. Target countries have included China, Malaysia, Singapore, India and the USA, among others.

Culture has many colours


For us, cross-cultural trainings are not just ordinary seminars on the theme of "soft skills". We're of the opinion that cross-cultural competence is an indispensable basis for the international success of any company. A cross-cultural coaching, a cultural awareness training or the preparation for an international assignment should therefore not only contain scientific theories. We place a high value on the impartation of practicable knowledge on the business world of your target countries.

Our cross-cultural training on China, for example, goes specifically into how you have to guide negotiations and lead meetings there. Our cross-cultural training on the USA, however, has to consider completely different requirements when handling the same themes. Our cross-cultural trainings and coachings thereby form an important building block on the path to your workforce's success abroad.


Moreover, to sustainably optimize the cross-cultural competence of your employees, we use a lot of interactive methods in our trainings and preparation measures for international assignments. The cross-cultural trainers from Eidam & Partner most certainly don't hold eight-hour lectures for you; rather, they win your participants hearts and minds with an authentic cross-cultural training including practical exercises, current case studies, simulations and role-plays.

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