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We offer worldwide services related to cross-cultural communication: for example, cross-cultural training, cross-cultural coaching, preparation for international assignments and online learning for more than 80 target countries.

Our company operates from Germany with 200 trainers who are located all around the globe. They not only have many years of experience in further education, but they'll also offer current and especially practical knowledge for your international business success.

Our motto: There are no small jobs that are handled on the side; every further education project is as cared for as if we were participating ourselves.

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We offer cross-cultural training, cross-cultural coaching, eLearning and preparation for international assignments.

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New training videos

We now offer entertaining, exciting training videos with a well-known partner from the cross-cultural training scene. In addition to country-specific clips [for example, on meetings in China or project work with Americans], the repertoire also includes videos on cross-border topics [for example, working with virtual international teams].

The 5-7-minute clips can be combined with our cross-cultural trainings, or they can be exported separately into your company’s training platform or intranet.

The following example video provides a look into the topic of meetings in China.


Fujitsu TDS is a full-range IT service provider and SAP system vendor for medium-sized and large companies. Its main offerings include IT outsourcing, application management and SAP consulting.

Since 2014, Fujitsu TDS has been working with Eidam & Partner in the field of cross-cultural training. In this context, we have had the honor of conducting several successful trainings on various target countries for the company.

Christian Wolf, a human resource development employee, had this to say about the cooperation: “I highly value our collaboration with Eidam & Partner thanks to the professionalism of the trainers and the outstanding organization of the cross-cultural trainings. With Eidam & Partner, we implemented the cross-cultural trainings ‘Japan Day’, ‘India Day’ and ‘Eastern Europe Day’, which continue to help the employees in our company work effectively with their colleagues in the target countries.”

Find out more about our projects for Fujitsu TDS in our blog!

Software meets Soft Skill

properly “transporting” cross-cultural know-how – training example from dachser

One world, one company, one network: Founded in 1930 and headquartered in Kempten, DACHSER ranks among the world’s leading logistics service providers. Intelligent logistics is the combination of decades of experience, the most modern information technologies and the daily cooperation of numerous enthusiastic people across national and cultural borders. Around 25,000 employees at 437 locations all over the world are working to achieve this.

DACHSER currently ranks among the global leaders in the field of system logistics. Due to this international context, cross-cultural competency is particularly important for the company’s employees.

For over five years now, DACHSER and Eidam & Partner have worked together intensively. In addition to country trainings a cultural awareness training is always included among the company’s annual seminar lineup.

Properly “transporting” cross-cultural know-how


For us, cross-cultural trainings are not just ordinary seminars on the theme of "soft skills". We're of the opinion that cross-cultural competence is an indispensable basis for the international success of any company. A cross-cultural coaching, a cultural awareness training or the preparation for an international assignment should therefore not only contain scientific theories. We place a high value on the impartation of practicable knowledge on the business world of your target countries.

Our cross-cultural training on China, for example, goes specifically into how you have to guide negotiations and lead meetings there. Our cross-cultural training on the USA, however, has to consider completely different requirements when handling the same themes. Our cross-cultural trainings and coachings thereby form an important building block on the path to your workforce's success abroad.


Moreover, to sustainably optimize the cross-cultural competence of your employees, we use a lot of interactive methods in our trainings and preparation measures for international assignments. The cross-cultural trainers from Eidam & Partner most certainly don't hold eight-hour lectures for you; rather, they win your participants hearts and minds with an authentic cross-cultural training including practical exercises, current case studies, simulations and role-plays.