Transnational training

This practical training does not just cover one target country; we rather compare the behaviors of several cultures with each other. We additionally talk about common sources of trouble in international work, introduce field-tested strategies and analyze the participants’ previous experiences abroad.

The goal is to establish a transnational competence. Your employees should be able to adapt their behavior easily in different international situations, no matter where their contact partners come from.

We provide this training in two versions: the first is for participants who already have a lot of international work experience, and the second is for junior employees whose international experience is just beginning.


  • In English, German, French or Spanish; other languages available on request
  • We’ll gladly adapt this training to a specific region [for instance, Asia, the Arab world, South America or Eastern Europe].
  • We offer various add-on options that can make your seminar even more sustainable; for example, our knowledge transfer check©.
Our transnational trainings are only led by experienced experts!


  • What typical mistakes repeatedly come up during international contact?
  • Analysis: What cultural values do the participants have? What advantages and disadvantages do these lead to in international work?
  • We compare the participants’ cultural values with those of the most important countries in the world. This way your participants will learn about the differences between selected cultures.
  • Cross-cultural management:
    • How to constructively deal with cultural differences: For example, regarding the topics of hierarchy, time, the establishment of relationships and project management.
    • Practical tips and tricks on dealing with foreign colleagues/leading foreign employees
    • Tips for presentations, negotiations and meetings with international participants
    • Best practice: Establishing and maintaining long-lasting relationships to international customers, suppliers and business partners
    • Effective communication in international projects
  • Strategies and best-practice examples for virtual cross-cultural collaboration [phone calls, e-mails, web meetings, instant messaging, etc.]
  • Conflict management and prevention on an international level

We’ll happily create an adapted program for you. Please contact our team for further information!

We'll happily adapt our program to your needs and situation!


Interactivity: Our trainings contain a vast mixture of methods [role-plays, exercises, simulations, case studies, videos, etc.].

This way the imparted knowledge will be easier to remember. It also provides the right amount of learning fun.

Exact fit: Our trainings are individually adjusted to your situation and needs.

Your intercultural experts: Eidam & Partner has focused exclusively on the optimization of international business contacts for more than 12 years. You’ll benefit directly from this specialization and the experience gained from it.

Quality: Our seminar leaders have worked internationally for several years and can consequently give you tips and strategies that come directly from practical experience. This is proven by the fact that the average grade of our cross-cultural trainings last year was 1.39 [1.0 = very good | 6.0 = very bad].

We are looking forward to you!

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