International team-building

Your entire international team should ideally take part in our workshop. Together with your employees, we’ll take the first step of examining the existing cultural differences within the group. We’ll subsequently develop ways to effectively bridge these differences and potential misunderstandings.

This workshop is also perfect for teams that work together mostly virtually [via e-mail, phone or web solutions].


  • Language: English; other languages available on request
  • We offer various additional options that can make your training even more sustainable, including our knowledge transfer check©, outdoor elements or our international team cooking course.
Our teambuilding workshops are only led be experienced experts!


We recommend having an analysis of the current team situation and existing improvement potential done before the workshop. We use interviews and surveys for this purpose. We can then work with your team during the workshop on the areas that need improvement and create useful, strategic solutions.

  • What cultural differences exist throughout the world?
  • Your team’s cultural values | Analysis:
    • What values do the team members bring with them from their homelands?
    • What are the similarities and differences between the individual employees?
    • What difficulties could these lead to?
  • Successfully managing cross-cultural differences:
    • How can different cultural values within the team be used positively?
    • Field-tested communication and working strategies/hints for international teams
    • Effective process and project management within the team
    • Finding common basic values for future collaboration within the team
    • On request/if needed: Review of recent difficulties within the team; finding shared solutions
  • Intensive module: Particularities, tips and best-practice examples for virtual collaboration [e-mail, phone, web solutions and messengers]
  • Conflict management: How to recognize conflicts early and thus deal with them in a culturally suitable way

It’s particularly important to us that the participants develop solutions themselves – with the help of our experts, of course. We additionally integrate numerous joint exercises that establish trust within the team.

We’ll gladly create an adapted program for you. Please contact our team for further information!

We'll happily adapt our program to your needs and situation!


Interactivity: Our seminars offer a vast mixture of methods [role-plays, exercises, simulations, case studies, videos, etc.].

This makes the imparted knowledge easier to remember. It also provides the right amount of learning fun.

Exact fit: Our team-building workshops are individually adjusted to your situation and needs.

Your intercultural experts: Eidam & Partner has focused exclusively on the optimization of international business contacts for more than 12 years. That’s one of the reasons why the average grade of our trainings last year was 1.39 [1.0 = very good | 6.0 = very bad].

Quality: Our senior experts have years of working experience abroad as well as broad further education experience. We thus offer experts who have gained their know-how from practical experience above all.

We are looking forward to you!

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