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Virtual cross-cultural collaboration

Nowadays, many international teams are spread over different locations. Collaboration in these groups most often occurs via e-mail, telephone and web solutions. If the team members additionally come from different cultures, collaboration is often especially difficult.

On the one hand, we discuss in our training how the existing cultural differences can be effectively bridged. On the other hand, we also impart important strategies and know-how for successful virtual collaboration.

Vanilla or chocolate?

We offer this training in two versions:

  • The first is for participants who work in virtual international teams.
  • The second is for managers who lead international work groups from a distance.

Each of the two variants naturally contains different strategies and focuses.

We offer recent know how for your international business!


  • Languages: English, German, French or Spanish; other languages available on request
  • Location: In-house at your company or in rented seminar rooms all across the world
  • We offer various add-on options that can make your seminar even more sustainable; for example, our knowledge transfer check©.

Experts close to you - worldwide

Our 200 experts live in Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Vienna, Zurich and many other German-speaking cities. We also have trainers across Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, as well as in North, Central and South America. This allows us to keep travel costs especially low.

Interkulturelles USA-Training: Wir bieten Ihnen erfahrene Experten und aktuelles Wissen!

From the content

We recommend having an analysis of the current team situation and existing improvement potential done before the workshop!

Module 1+2
  • Interactive introduction to the most important cultural differences in the world
  • Typical sources of error during cross-cultural communication
  • Tips on the right use of virtual media [e-mail, telephone, web conferences, instant messengers, etc.]
Module 3
  • How can cultural differences be used positively within the team?
  • On what points do successful virtual teams differ from less effective work groups?
  • Field-tested work techniques, tips and strategies for your international team
  • How to unite your goals and strategies so that they’re supported by the entire team
Module 4
  • Virtual conflict management: How to recognize conflicts early and thus deal with them in a culturally suitable way
  • Successfully forming, guiding and leading virtual cross-cultural teams
    • Best practice: Tips and success strategies on leading virtual teams
    • How to create commitment within the team
    • How to develop a team from a distance
    • ...

We’d be happy to conduct parts of this training as a webinar! This way, your participants will have the opportunity to directly apply the acquired knowledge. Webinars also allow geographically separated team members to participate together.

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Why Eidam & Partner?


Our trainings offer a vast mixture of methods: exercises, group challenges, simulations, case studies, videos, etc.


Every seminar is individually adjusted to your situation and needs; guaranteed.


We can't do everything, but we can do one thing really well: optimize international business contacts. This has been our passion for more than 15 years.


We offer you senior experts with broad international work experience, because this background knowledge turns a good seminar into an outstanding training!


We are particularly proud of the average grade of our trainings, which was 1.24 last year [1.0 = very good | 6.0 = very bad].


Eidam & Partner works climate neutral: with green electricity, recycled paper, CO2 compensation via tree planting and many things more.


Numerous additional services are included with every training. This improves the sustainability of our trainings as well as the knowledge transfer.

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