Online learning + Face-to-Face Event

We recommend combining our online learning solutions with a face-to-face event! This will significantly reduce costs and time missed from work for further education. Moreover, current studies show that so-called “blended learning” [online + on-site training] ensures up to 25% higher learning effects.

On that score, you have the following opportunities:

before a face-to-face event

We can convey some of our cross-cultural knowledge before a face-to-face training, all via eLearning/training videos. Your participants will already know a lot about cross-cultural communication when they come to our on-site training or coaching, which leaves more of the training time for specific information.

Furthermore, your employees will deal with the topic over a longer period of time, which increases the learning effect considerably!

after a face-to-face event

Four to six weeks after your participants take part in our face-to-face training or coaching, they can refresh the learned content and receive further knowledge.

One example: If your participants have attended a face-to-face transnational event, we can use eLearning modules or training videos to address specific countries in detail and thus convey culture-specific knowledge.

Without a face-to-face event

You can also book our e-learning modules and videos individually – without combining them with a face-to-face event!

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