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E-Learning module "Global Business"

This e-learning module does not just cover one target country; we rather compare the behaviors and cultural values of several cultures with each other. We additionally talk about common challenges in international collaboration, introduce field-tested strategies as well as recent case studies.

Your employees should be able to adapt their behavior easily in different international situations, no matter from which country their contact partners come from.

We offer recent know how for your international business!


  • Cross-cultural learning made easy: Eidam & Partner’s online trainings can be worked on from anywhere in the world through the internet.
  • On request, our e-learning module can be integrated into your internal learning platform.
  • Duration: Depending on your learning habits, the module takes 90-120 minutes.

From the contents

Module 1+2
  • How do cross-cultural misunderstandings arise?
  • What are the typical challenges when people work together across borders and cultures? What tried and tested solutions are there?
  • We compare the cultural values of the most important countries in the world. This way, your participants will become acquainted with the differences between individual cultures and will keep them in mind.
  • Important fundamentals of cross-cultural contact in a work-related context
Module 3+4
  • Tips, tricks and strategies on dealing with foreign colleagues, employees and business partners
  • The most important communication differences worldwide
  • Expediently dealing with cultural differences with regard to hierarchy, time management, project work and virtual communication
  • How can I unite my own values and goals with those of foreign cultures and thus work both internationally and efficiently?

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Cross-cultural e-learning: We offer recent know how and senior experts!

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E-learning means flexible learning! Your participants can decide on their own: When do I want to learn? For how long do I want to learn? What do I want to learn?


We only offer recent know-how with high practical relevance. That's why our e-learning modules are updated once a year.


E-learning is of course less expensive than a corresponding on-site training.


Eidam & Partner works climate neutral: with green electricity, recycled paper, CO2 compensation via tree planting and many things more.


By combining our e-learning modules with our on-site trainings or coachings, the learning effect of your participants will increase by up to 25%.

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